NW Points Series

The points series was created to encourage more participation at local meets.

Current 2016 – 2017 Points Series Standings


  • Each elite skater will pay $3 to the NW Points Series for every meet they attend.
  • Skaters must participate in elite divisions in 5 out of 7 of our region meets to be eligible for an award. **Meet participation requirements change with the number of region meets each year***
  • Points will be awarded for overall placements in elite divisions only: 30 for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, and 5 for 4th.
  • Tiny tot – Senior skaters are only permitted to collect points in their official age group
  • Classic – Esquire skaters may collect points in any age group; however, will only be permitted to receive an award for one age group.  (eg., if a master skater skates and places all year in master and classic division, and earns 1st place in both divisions, only 1 division will be considered for an award – determination of the division is subject to the discretion of the points series committee)
  • The top three skaters that collect the highest number of points in the current season, will receive an award at the Regional Championships.

Previous Points Series Results