Hip Number Instructions

  • Each number will come in pairs and are to be worn one on each hip/outer thigh
  • Numbers are to be word horizontally (across the leg), not vertically (up and down)
  • Numbers may be fastened with safety pins, Velcro, sewn or other type of attachment as long as they are secure and are not flapping, hanging or loose on the legs.
  • Each pair of numbers is $10
  • Each skater must have their own set of hip numbers to compete in the NW meets
  • If a skater misplaces/loses their numbers, it is the skater’s responsibility to buy a new set
  • If a skater forgets their numbers at a contest, they may “rent” numbers from NW/USARS for $10 with $5 refund upon returning the numbers at the end of the meet
  • Skaters from other regions will use our numbers ($10 deposit per set with a full $10 refund upon returning unless damage has been done)
  • Coaches need to order new numbers at least one month in advance to ensure ample time to receive them for the next contest