Register or Renew Your Amateur Card for 2016-2017 Season

All skaters, whether they are competing at meets or not, must have a valid Amateur Card (membership card).  You are not allowed to participate in team practices without one either.  If you had a card last season, it expired August 31, 2016.

USARS has a new Online Member Registration Page where you can sign up or renew your card.

You probably don’t yet have a Password for this new system, so you will have to click on “Click here to initialize your password” before you can renew.

You will need to know your Membership ID#.  If you don’t know it, you can look it up here.  Enter the last year you were active “2016“, “Members“, “S NW“, “Speed“, and leave Search blank.  This page is temperamental, so if you don’t get the results you expect, keep playing around with it.

If your membership number is rejected, try it’s alternate form.  For example, if your number is 12345, but that’s not working, try 0012,345.

If you prefer to renew the old fashioned way, you can download the Application Form and mail, email, or fax it in with your payment.

The USARS Membership page is here.


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