Tacoma Invitational Presented by NSC, November 19-20, 2016

From the event’s facebook page:

Hey Everyone,
We wanted to get out some basic info for the Tacoma Invitational. We are excited to be hosting this for our 3rd straight year. We know it’s early on in the season so we added some fun events for those of you who aren’t quite ready to race division yet. We are doing a 3 person this year. The teams can be mixed or all guys or all girls. It’s 3 laps 3 times. In addition to this we will still have our 3 person pro-am race, where you will get to pick your favorite NSC skater to compete on your team, and we are still doing the 100m Time Trial. Please spread the word. NSC trials will be hosted during the meet like previous years, and the NSC pro night will be on Sat. We are working the schedule so we can add some of the younger divisions to race during NSC pro night to showcase some of the younger talent in our sport. See all of you soon. Robin Olson will be sending out the entry forms to your Coaches soon.

  • $30 for elite division
  • $20 for beginner division
  • $15 for additional division.
  • If you skate both beginner and elite it is only $45
  • Relays $15 each
  • If you are only skating relays and not division, you only pay $15 per relay. There is NO first event fee!