NSC Invitational, Pro Event 31 and Tryouts, February 2-3, 2019

National Speedskating Circuit Presents

– The NSC Tac Town Invitational –
(All Ages)

– NSC 31 –

– NSC Tryouts –
(Sophmore and Above)

Tacoma Armory
1001 S. Yakima Ave
Tacoma, WA 98405

We will have the same races as last year:

  • Beginner divisions: Juvenile – Veteran : 2 Distances (Short and Middle)
  • Elite divisions: Tiny Tot – Premier : 3 Distances
  • No Grand divisions
  • 2 man/2 lady relays
  • 2 mixed relays
  • 3 anything relays (these can be all male, all female, or any combination – they will race against each other, so if you put together a team of all boys, they could potentially run against a team of all girls)
  • NSC Pro-Am 3 person draw relays
  • If your skater is only skating beginner, their entry fee is $20 plus $15 for an additional beginner division, or relays. If your skater is skating both beginner and elite, their entry fee is $45 ($30 for elite, plus $15 additional), plus $15 for any additional divisions or relays. If your skater is only skating relays, their entry fee is $15 per relay (no first event fee).
    NSC Tryout info ($75 entry fee):
    NSC Tryouts will be run as separate division races. Skaters may try out for only sprints, only endurance, or both. If the skater qualifies in the SPRINT category and does not qualify in the ENDURANCE category, they will participate in the NSC as a SPRINT athlete. If the skater qualifies in both categories, they will be given their choice to compete as a SPRINT athlete or an ENDURANCE athlete.
  • Spectators Free

Deadline:  January 23

Send Entries to:
National SpeedSkating Circuit
3812 114th Ave E.
Edgewood, WA 98372

Please let me know if you have any questions:

Robin: Robin@pronsc.com

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