2020-2021 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

USARS Events

2020-2021 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

  • April 30 – May, 2021: 2021 Battle in Seattle League Meet (Federal Way)
  • Date T.B.D., 2021: NSC Tac-Town Invitational (Tacoma Armory)
  • Date T.B.D., 2021: Spokane Classic
  • Date T.B.D., 2021: Portland Invitational

National Championships
[2023 and Beyond USARS National Championship RFP]

Developmental Camps

  • Date T.B.D., 2021: 2021 Spring Banked Track Camp & Track Invitational – Colorado Springs, CO

Pro Events

  • Date T.B.D., 2021: NSC 34 – Professional Speed Skating – Tacoma Armory

World Events

Other Events

As I Was Saying

Get play-by-play results and commentary on many events from the NorthWest’s very own Ami at her AS I WAS SAYING blog.

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