NSC Presents the Tac Town Invitational, November 18-19, 2017

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to get out some basic info for the Tacoma Invitational.  We are excited to be hosting this for our 4th straight year.  We know it’s early on in the season so we added some fun events for those of you who aren’t quite ready to race division yet.  We are doing a 3 person.  It’s 3 laps 3 times.  The teams can be made of of all guys, all girls or mixed.  In addition we will still have our 3 person pro-am race, where you will get to pick your favorite NSC skater to compete on your team.  And we are also still doing the 100m Time Trial.  Please spread the word.

NSC trials will be hosted during the meet like previous years, and the NSC pro night will be on Sat night.  We are working the schedule so we can add some of the younger divisions to race during NSC pro night to showcase some of the younger talent in our sport.

See all of you soon.  Robin Olson will be sending out the entry forms to your Coaches soon.  If you have any questions you can contact robin@pronsc.com.

    • Beginner and Elite divisions will be run (no grand divisions)
    • Beginners will have 2 distances (short and middle)
    • Elite division skaters will have 3 distances
    • NSC Tryouts Men and Women
    • All 2 person & 2 mixed relays
    • 3 anything relays (can be 3 man/3 lady or any combo)
    • 100m Time trials
    • NSC Pro-Am 3 person draw relays
    • $30 for elite division
    • $20 for beginner division
    • $15 for additional division
    • If you skate both beginner and elite it is only $45
    • Relays $15 each
    • If you are only skating relays and not division, you only pay $15 per relay.  There is NO first event fee!
    • $10.00 for the 3 person Pro-Am relay
    • $5.00 for the 100m Time trials
    • $75.00 for NSC Tryouts (Must be 15 or older as of 1/1/18)
  • Free Admission for SPECTATORS
  • $5.00 practice at 7:30am on Saturday Morning

2017 NSC Tac-Town Invitational Schedule (11/13/17)

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USARS event
NSC Website


Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

From the Team USA – Inline Speed Skating facebook page


Next October the world will see Olympic Rings for Inline Speed Skating!  Buenos Aires will host the Youth Olympic Games October 1-12, 2018.  Qualifying skaters will be selected from World Championships in Holland next July.  It will be a tough year for our Youth skaters: only 1 from a country, only 12 participants total, over all placements for the 500m 1000m and 5k.

From the official Qualification System papers, word for word.

“To be eligible to participate in the Youth Olympic Games, athletes must have been born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2003.”

Only 8 months until Worlds. Short rest then time to get training!


Bill Begg Clarifies Some Things

Youth Olympics 2018 Buenus Aires Argentina. This special event for speed skating is all settled. In all fairness to everyone let me make clear the key points, as there is a lot of confusion & mis- information regarding it.

  1. The 12 boys & 12 girls under 19 will be picked from the First Week in July World Championships in Heerde Holland.  Those who are 19 have been excluded from the junior grade from 2018.  Finish this worlds get home get re-organized a short break & Bingo only 8 months left.
  2. The events that the participants will be picked from are the same 3 events that will be raced for the overall 1 set of medals on the Bank track, 500 meters, 1,000 meters & 5,000 Elimination.  No use winning one & not doing anything in the others or else you will miss out.
  3. The first 5 overall of the 3 events will be picked but they must be from different countries.  If for instance 1st was Colombia & 5th was Colombia, whoever was 6th would be awarded the place.
  4. Next are the top ones from each of the 5 continents but none are to be from a country already selected.  So now we will have 5 continents & the 5 skaters can be from anywhere as long as not from a country already represented.
  5. The host country Argentina is allowed 1 boy & 1 girl.
  6. The IOC is allowed a wild card 1 boy & 1 Girl.  But still only 1 boy & 1 Girl from each country, even after the IOC have included their Wildcard.


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Register or Renew using the ***NEW*** USARS Online Registration Portal

USARS has completed its new Online Registration Portal.  All new or renewing athletes, coaches, officials, officers, and clubs/teams should go to  http://usars.rsportz.com/pages/membership-type to renew their USARS membership for the 2017-2018 season.

Remember, all skaters and USARS members, whether they are competing at meets or not, must have a valid Amateur Card (membership card).  You are not allowed to participate in team practices without one either.  If you had a card last season, it expired August 31, 2017.

Some things to note:

  • Your login and password from last year is no longer valid.  You will need to choose a new login
  • Everyone will get a new membership number
  • The old skater/club lookup tool is gone
  • Online registration requires payment by Credit Card
  • If you do not wish to register using the Online Registration Portal or do not wish to pay by credit card, you can mail in the paper Membership Application which is available at Forms.USARS.us

More information about the new USARS Online Registration Portal is available here.


2017-2018 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

2017-2018 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

National Championships