Short Track Speed Skating Classes Continue in 2019 at Sprinker Ice Arena

Speed Skating Class


Open Session Speed Skating

Do you have the need for speed?  Speed skating builds endurance, increases muscle strength with high intensity lower body movement, and involves a beginner skater all the way to an advanced skater.  The skaters will earn how to race and maximize their speed potential through class working alongside other skaters.


Speed Skating Class:

The class will focus on the following key aspects of Speed Skating:

  • Learning the track
  • Pushing and crossover technique
  • Racing
  • How to maximize speed potential

And much more!  No experience needed!  Come join the fun!

Equipment required: Bike Helmet  |  Knee Pads  |  Soccer Style Shin Guards

Ages 7 & Older  |  Thurs 7:45pm-8:45pm  |  8-weeks $80.00* or 7-weeks $70.00*

First 2019 Session Dates – January 10th, 2019  – February 28, 2019 (8 weeks)

FEE – *In addition to class registration, LEARN TO SKATE USA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED.  To join LEARN TO SKATE USA visit, click on skater/or parent of skater, then click on register.  Print out your PDF receipt and bring it to the first class.  Membership goes 7/01 – 6/30.  Membership fee is $17.25


  • Be a member of the best skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and US Speedskating.
  • Gain great information to make sure your first glides on ice are successful ones.
  • Receive secondary sport accident insurance.
  • Participate in lessons, performances, competitions, and all activities associated with Learn to Skate USA.


Open Session Speed Skating:

If you don’t want to enroll in the classes, you can still come and enjoy the OPEN SPEED SKATING SESSIONS

  • Open Sessions times are at 7:34 – 8:45pm on the same days (Thursday) as the Speed Skating Class.
  • $12 per session.



If you have questions about Speed Skating at Sprinker contact: Jared Bucci |  Phone: 253-798-4121  |  Email:

Sprinker Recreation Center and Ice Arena in Parkland, Washington is located at
14824 C St S, Tacoma, WA 98444


The Battle in Seattle, Federal Way, March 15-17, 2019


March 15-17, 2019 at Pattisons West Skating Center in Federal Way, WA, home of Pattison’s Team Xtreme.


Thursday, March 14th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm


$35 first event, $15 each additional, Pro Division $50, $10 for 4 person draw relay, Opens, and Time Trials.  Entry cap for skaters $125, for Pros $140


Entries postmarked by Friday, March 1st 2019.  Make one check payable to Pattison’s West.  Please use our Sign-up Spreadsheet and Relays Form.


90’ x 180’ Maple rotunda with fresh WP8 plastic.  8 skaters may be run on the starting line.  Widely considered “Fastest floor in the nation.”  We will regularly clean the track throughout the competition.


On I-5 take exit 142B (west).  Turn right at Denny’s restaurant.  Go 3/10 of a mile, rink is on your left side.  Light grey building with a blue stripe around the top.




Ross Creveling


Brandon Hardaway, Bryan Howell, Mike Wong, Kim Eger


Rachel and Robin Pfander


All Elite Divisions (No Grand) – Novice Divisions (Juvenile – Esquire).  Challenge-up is OK in beginner and Elite.  If you are skating Pro, you can ONLY skate Pro Division.

In Novice and Elite Divisions, all 3 distance races will be run.  The long distance race will be an automatic final and will be a rolling start if there are more than 8 skaters.  Starting position will be determined by order of points accumulated so far, with the skater with the highest total in first and so on.  Skaters without points will draw cards to determine starting position before the race.


  • 2 Person and 2 Mix Relays (Primary, Elementary, Sophomore, Senior, Classic, Master, Veteran)
  • 3 Person Relays $15 (3 man, 3 lady), 3 mix relays $15 (Juvenile 3 any person ONLY)
    • Divisions: Juvenile & Below Elementary & Freshman, Sophomore – Classic, Masters, & above.
    • One lap tags.
    • *Coaches: please use your discretion when determining a skater’s ability to do the 3-person.  This is for the safety of all.
  • 4 Person Anything Relays $15
    • Any combination of boy/girls from a team, but you MUST have at least 2 boy and 1 girl per team.  Cross teaming allowed for this event
    • Nationals lap amounts (could be shortened time permitting)
  • 4 Person Draw $10 Random draw for skaters from teams who sign up.  Juvenile, Freshman, Senior, Master Divisions


Fastest Woman/Man on Skates!  100 meter rolling start on the “Best Floor in the Nation”.  CA$H Prize determined by number of participants.  Record set in 2018 by Jonathan Blair 8.28 sec !!!


$10 (Skaters will draw cards to determine position.  Prize money determined by the number of participants).  We will be doing a Nascar start in the opens where contestants start side-by-side, in a rolling start if more than 8 skaters are in the race, similar to the car racing starts.

  • Juvenile and below: 10 Laps
  • Elementary and Freshman: 15 Laps
  • Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Classic: 30 Laps
  • Grand Classic (eligible, must be at least 30 years old) and above: 20 Laps




First, second, and third from Elite Sophomore through Senior, qualify for the 15 lap race.  Winner will receive $100 and a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit.  All 3 placements will receive a premium podium medal.


First, second, and third from Elite Freshman and below qualify for the 10 lap race.  Winner will receive $100 and a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit.  All 3 placements will receive a premium podium medal.


First, second, and third from Classic and above qualify for the 10 lap race.  Winner will receive $100 and a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit.  All 3 placements will receive a premium podium medal.



Pro Woman and Mens Division

  • Sophomore and up
  • 1500m ,500m ,3000m
  • Prizes:
    • Roundtrip (Standby tickets with Restrictions) to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies to men’s and women’s pro champions
    • Large CA$H Prize to be awarded to men’s and women’s pro champions
      • $1,000 1st, $300 2nd, $100 3rd for me’n and women’s champions
    • Custom  Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit
    • !!! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT !!!  Winners will receive an automatic bid to NSC 2018 season.  If winner has already qualified then it is awarded to 2nd place, and so on.  More details HERE.



Past participants include:

Men: Joey Mantia, Michael Cheek, Justin Stelly, Jarrett Paul, Michael Ringer, Brandon Hall, Donovan Sellers, Tanner Worley, Caleb Wakefield, Zac Sagiao, Wesley Gandy, Cooper McLeod, KC Boutiette, Sabian Tinson, Jonathan Blair, Adrion Workman

Women: Erin Jackson, Franchesca Bell, Kelsey Helman, Corie Stoddard, Mariah Richardson, McKenzie Browne, Chelsea LeGault, Melissa Perry


Thank you for your continued support of the Battle in Seattle, a mid-season classic that spans three decades and continues to be one of the premier indoor speed skating events in the USA.  The Pattison family is always thankful for the nationwide support we have received and continue to receive.  We are looking forward to another epic year of racing!!

The Pattison Family





Race Results and Commentary from the As I Was Saying Blog


Team Xtreme website
facebook event page
2017 USARS event page and forms




NSC Invitational, Pro Event 31 and Tryouts, February 2-3, 2019

National Speedskating Circuit Presents

– The NSC Tac Town Invitational –
(All Ages)

– NSC 31 –

– NSC Tryouts –
(Sophmore and Above)

Tacoma Armory
1001 S. Yakima Ave
Tacoma, WA 98405

We will have the same races as last year:

  • Beginner divisions: Juvenile – Veteran : 2 Distances (Short and Middle)
  • Elite divisions: Tiny Tot – Premier : 3 Distances
  • No Grand divisions
  • 2 man/2 lady relays
  • 2 mixed relays
  • 3 anything relays (these can be all male, all female, or any combination – they will race against each other, so if you put together a team of all boys, they could potentially run against a team of all girls)
  • NSC Pro-Am 3 person draw relays
  • If your skater is only skating beginner, their entry fee is $20 plus $15 for an additional beginner division, or relays. If your skater is skating both beginner and elite, their entry fee is $45 ($30 for elite, plus $15 additional), plus $15 for any additional divisions or relays. If your skater is only skating relays, their entry fee is $15 per relay (no first event fee).
    NSC Tryout info ($75 entry fee):
    NSC Tryouts will be run as separate division races. Skaters may try out for only sprints, only endurance, or both. If the skater qualifies in the SPRINT category and does not qualify in the ENDURANCE category, they will participate in the NSC as a SPRINT athlete. If the skater qualifies in both categories, they will be given their choice to compete as a SPRINT athlete or an ENDURANCE athlete.
  • Spectators Free

Deadline:  January 23

Send Entries to:
National SpeedSkating Circuit
3812 114th Ave E.
Edgewood, WA 98372

Please let me know if you have any questions:


Download Full Schedule Here

Facebook event


As I Was Saying blog race results and commentary

2018-2019 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

2018-2019 NorthWest Region Meet Schedule

National Championships

  • May 7-14, 2019: USA Track & Road Championships – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Indoor July 30 – August 6, 2009: Indoor National Championships – Spokane, WA

Other Events